Let The World Experience Your Products. Everywhere.

Say goodbye to retailers, expensive showrooms and fake influencers. Say hello to your network of customers.

For Brands Who Are Proud of Their Products

With Experify you allow potential customers to meet with happy nearby owners of your products. This is the ultimate and most authentic form of customer review and pre-purchase experience.

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What is experify?

Using Experify, your customers can easily find and experience your products locally.

Customers Visit Your Website

If you use Experify, your customers will find this logo in the bottom right corner of your product pages. Clicking on it opens the Experify Map. 

Customers Connect

With help of the Experify Map, your customers will be able to connect with a nearby product owner. They will be able to talk about the product and eventually meet for an experience.

Customers Meet

Your interested customer and the product owner meet in real-life to experience the product. Product owners receive brand rewards as a sign of your appreciation.

Experify Map

The Experify Map is the most visual element of our service. Easily integrated on your brand website, it is a smart, non-intrusive overlay in your online shop. The map allows users of your webshop to see nearby product owners -- your mavens -- and get in touch with them for the purpose of a product experience.

We help you onboard your mavens and define the reward structure. With help of the Experify Management Console you'll administer your Experify offering and benefit from advanced customer analytics as well as contextual marketing possibilities.

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Why Experify?

Experify allows you to provide authenthic local product experiences in a cost efficient and scalable way. That's good for customer satisfaction and for your bottom line.

Be Authentic. Be Unique.

If your products are great you don't have to hide. So don't hide. Instead embrace transparency and show your authentic self. Allowing your customers to speak on your behalf is the ultimate form of authenticity.

100x Cheaper Than Stores.

Even if people buy online, they still often want to test products before purchsing them. With Experify your products are experienceable everywhere -- without the need for an expensive network of local stores.

Increase Your Bottom Line.

The more people will be able to experience your products, the more people will consider buying. And with the savings in local store costs, you can make your products even better. For a superb customer experience.

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We are currently onboarding the first brands on Experify.
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You have customers who love your products and identify with your brand because you address their needs. They are happy to show your products to other people and share their experiences for various reasons. Amongst them also a brand reward per experience - not sale. Contact us for more insights into motivation types and the reward system.

Because sales incentives kill the magic of authenthic, social product experiences. It is as simple as that.

If you make great products and are customer-centric, the answer is generally yes. However, we run tests for each brand before rolling out the service. Contact us, if you would like to find out whether Experify will work for your brand and customers.

Experify integrates a highly-targeted follow-up after the product experience. Therefore, if they are happy, they will be right back in your sales process.

Although what we provide is a platform in some sense, we are a SaaS (Software as a Service) company at core. As such we do not profit from your data - our business model is selling you excellent service. This is why your data will stay your data - especially your customer data. Under no circumstances we will sell that data to other companies.

However, data provides valuable insights into the service and opens opportunities for optimization. This is why, given your consent, we will use aggregated, anonymized data to analyze and optimize our service.