Experience Products Nearby

Experify allows you to connect with people in your neighborhood who own products you consider buying. This way you get an honest opinion and can test a product in real-life.

Why Experify?

Experify helps you find people nearby who own products you are interested in. So you can test them before buying.

Nearby. No Returns.

Combining the advantages of "local" with eCommerce is what Experify is all about. This way you can test products before buying - without the need to return products. That's easier for you and better for the environment.

Real Owners. Real Life.

Sometimes one honest opinion and a quick try-it-out are worth more than hundreds of anonymous reviews. Experify allows you to connect to real product owners nearby to get exactly this.

No Bullshit. No Sales.

There is no sales incentive for product owners: they get rewarded from brands for showing you the product and sharing their experience. Brands do this because they are convinced about the quality of their products.

Our Vision

In times of anonymous & fake online reviews and paid (influencer) product endorsements, we strive to establish a new way of authenthic consumerism: combining the convenience of eCommerce with local social product experiences.

Experify is not for everyone. It is for people who believe in the power of social interactions and who favor #no-bullshit. It is for brands who are proud of their products and believe that they speak for themselves. For companies that give everything for customer satisfaction and are not afraid of letting their customers share their experiences with you.

How It Works

You can use Experify on participating brand websites.

Visit a Brand Website

If a brand uses Experify, you will find this logo in the bottom right corner on the brand's product page. This opens the Experify Map.


With help of the Experify Map, you can find and connect to someone nearby who owns the product.

Talk & Meet

Meet with the product owner in real-life. You'll get the chance to experience the product and get an honest opinion from a vivid user.


Showing and talking about your posessions is already a strong habit among people. Owning the products themselves, they know how important it is to experience it first hand. We provide a seamless way to share that experience.

Product owners are rewarded by the brands per offered experience - for taking their time for you. There is no commission for a sale. Ensuring that you get their unfiltered experience!

Experify for Brands

If you are a brand interested in using Experify, you can find more information here.